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TMS360° FastTrack

TMS360º has been designed to give you the knowledge and support to administer the TMS suite of 360-degree feedback tools. The three instruments can be used in a wide variety of applications including leadership development, coaching, culture change and team development.

Learning outcomes

  • Use the TMS360˚ Profiles to diagnose issues, baseline performance, determine priorities and evaluate team and leadership development programmes.
  • Understand and apply the Types of Work Wheel, the Linking Leader Model and the High-Energy Teams Model.
  • Appropriately select, administer and debrief all three 360˚ feedback tools.
  • Develop and deliver workshops to set-up and discuss Profiles and work with individuals and teams to determine priorities and action plans.
  • Work with TMS to ensure the smooth administration and processing of questionnaires and reports.

Workshop inclusions

  • Accreditation Handbook for the TMS360˚ Profiles
  • Team Management Systems Session Designs: Linking Skills Profiles
  • Team Management Systems Session Designs: Performance, Jobs and Strategy
  • Games TMS People Play
  • The Case Studies Collection
  • Team Management Systems Research Manual
  • Personalised online facilitator site to administer Profile questionnaires
  • Access to free training resources on the Network Member Intranet

Meet the New Team Management Profile

Accreditation Dates

Team Management Profile

  • 03 - 04 April 2014 - Canberra
  • 28 - 29 April 2014 - Virtual AW
  • 07 - 08 May 2014 - Darwin
  • 16 - 17 June 2014 - Melbourne

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2014 May Roadshow: TMS' Insights for a changing world

  • Brisbane - 22 May
  • Melbourne - 27 May
  • Canberra - 28 May
  • Sydney - 29 May

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