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TMS360° FastTrack

TMS360º has been designed to give you the knowledge and support to administer the TMS suite of 360º feedback tools. 

These 360º instruments are used in a wide variety of applications, including leadership development, performance management, coaching, culture change and team development. They give you the data required to benchmark and measure performance improvement over time, across all levels of the organisation 

  • Individual - The Linking Skills Profile evaluates 13 competencies that form the basis of outstanding leadership.
  • Team  - The Team Performance Profile is a team 360° measure, used to gain feedback on operational effectiveness  on 9 key success factors.
  • Executive & Organisation - The Strategic Team Development Profile provides a higher-level analysis of the organisation’s strategic priorities 

Unlike other 360º feedback tools, the TMS360º considers perceptions of both satisfaction and importance, providing a gap analysis between what does occur and what should occur. They provide you with a deeper understanding of performance, effectiveness and strategy, to build individual, team and organisational productivity and resilience.

Learning outcomes

  • Appropriately select, administer and debrief all three 360˚ feedback tools 
  • Use the TMS360˚ Profiles to diagnose issues, baseline performance, determine priorities and measure success
  • Develop and deliver more targeted performance goals at all levels

Workshop inclusions

  • Accreditation Handbook for the TMS360˚ Profiles
  • Team Management Systems Session Designs: Linking Skills Profiles
  • Team Management Systems Session Designs: Performance, Jobs and Strategy
  • Games TMS People Play
  • The Case Studies Collection
  • Team Management Systems Research Manual
  • Personalised online facilitator site to administer Profile questionnaires
  • Access to free training resources on the Network Member Intranet


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