LLP Accreditation

The Linking Leader Profile (LLP|360) is a comprehensive 360-degree feedback report, assessing leaders on 13 essential Linking Skills critical for effective leadership and teamwork. To ensure the highest standards of ethical care, the LLP|360 must only be delivered and debriefed by appropriately trained professionals who have completed accreditation through TMS.

Our LLP|360 Accreditation equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to administer and interpret the LLP|360 tool and provides you with the resources required to build a programme using the LLP|360.


Who is accreditation for?

Accreditation is open to human resource professionals, management consultants and other business professionals or managers. Whether you want to embed the LLP|360 into your in-house programme, or offer the profile as a consultant, we’d love to have you on board.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the theory and concepts underpinning the LLP|360.
  • Have the confidence to apply this knowledge in practice.
  • Be equipped to support the development of leadership skills using the LLP|360 framework.


How does accreditation work?

LLP|360 Accreditation is delivered in a blended learning programme of self-paced online study and an interactive workshop. The time commitment is approximately nine hours spread over two weeks.



  • Online learning and an interactive workshop
  • Experienced and knowledgeable trainers
  • Engaging learning materials and activities
  • 50% discount off your first LLP|360 programme
  • Your own TMS Global Portal to track rater completion
  • Access to additional facilitator resources
  • Digital Badge of Completion



$1,195 ex GST.