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August 13, 2019 | By Dick McCann

Development, Leadership, Performance, Team

A Fresh Data set

A guiding principle at Team Management Systems is empirical rigour, which sits at the heart of our suite of feedback tools. Our research arm, the Institute of Team Management Studies (ITMS), collects and maintains our data set and produces annual updates to our extensive database of norm reference groups.

Our norm data and the work of ITMS has always been an important part of the foundation research that has been reviewed by the British Psychological Society. Having this type of endorsement from an independent, globally-recognised authority is another way we make your life easier ­– by providing quality psychometric profiles that you can use with confidence.

How has the data changed?

  • Our TMP norm reference group expanded to 584,717 in 2019; an increase of 13% on our 2018 data set.
  • Our QO2 norm group expanded to 11,301 in 2019, with two additional reference groups.

Why does this matter to you as a facilitator?

You can be confident that when you compare a set of TMS Profile scores against a norm reference group, what you see is a validated, reliable and meaningful comparison. Our data sets provide a simple reference point for learners who ask, “How do my scores compare with…?”.

How can you use the new TMS research data?

For anyone needing to gain a better understanding of new colleagues or stakeholders, you can compare the preferences of you and your team with any reference group.

As an example, let’s imagine you are coaching a client who is about to start a job in a new industry sector. You could refer to the latest TMP data to generate some insights about things like:

  • Where might the preferences of your new colleagues likely be?
  • How does that compare with your approach?
  • How might you best communicate and link with them?
  • What might be an operational priority for them?

To discuss ideas about how you can extract more value out of your Profiles through using the TMS norm data, please contact our Learning and Development team today.

August 13, 2019 | By Dick McCann

Development, Leadership, Performance, Team