February 8, 2021 | By TMS.Global Updates


ReleaseNotes 230720

What's New

Help Files

To provide support when it is most needed for both you and your learners, we have added contextual Help Files for both the TMS Global Portal and Respondent sites.

2 Factor Authentication

From 10th February, 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) will be activated for TMS Global Portal Users to give you and your learners an additional layer of data security. TMS Global will use your email address for 2FA code verification.

What's Improved

Add Groups and Projects when adding Respondents

You can now create a Group or Project when adding Respondents via the Manage People or Data import interfaces. Just type in the Group or Project name and hit return.

Purchase products while Activating Subscriptions

You are now able to purchase product subscriptions at the point of activation via the Manage Products interface. Simply navigate to Activate Product Subscriptions and follow the prompts!

Import TMS Profiles into TMS Global

When your Respondents import a profile from TMSProfiles.com into TMS Global you will now receive an email notification to allow you to track if and when this task is complete.

What's Coming

Advanced Reporting

We are close to releasing an Advanced Reporting feature which will allow you to easily aggregate Respondent data across your Organisation into a suite of easy to prepare, easy to use and easy to interpret reports. The Advanced Reporting feature will be offered on a complimentary basis until 30 June 2021.

We are currently piloting the Advanced Reporting function, so please call us if you would like access to these reports. Your feedback is important as we continue to co-create TMS Global and improve our platform and products.

Automatic Sharing

You can now request your Respondent to toggle on ‘Automatically share completed Profile Reports with my Organisation’s authorised users’ feature in My Details.

This is useful for organisations with more than one TMS Facilitator running sessions, or where organisation-wide access to Respondent reports would be beneficial.

If you have any issues logging in to your TMS Global Portal, please clear your browser cache.

In the meantime... call or email our team if you need support, have feedback or just want a chat!

February 8, 2021 | By TMS.Global Updates