TMS Global is our product delivery platform, designed and built around the end-user experience and with the personal learning journey as a primary focus.

In one place, learners will find everything they need to complete, read, learn about and share their profiles as well as access a wide range of learning applications and resources. 


Provided to support learners, this resource dives into the theory of the profile with practical activities and further reading to enrich the learners professional and team development.


The QO2-linked Diagnostic Tools are designed to enable better learning and improve communication amongst teams and individuals. The resources were created to enhance the QO2 learning experience and assist learners to use the TMS suite of Profiles in practical application. Each tool is presented in a questionnaire format and all provide instant feedback for the learner.

Project Health Check
This practical Diagnostic Tool allows learners to evaluate how satisfied they are with risk management in projects a particular team or individual is undertaking.


The learning resources library contains a series of workbooks, eBooks and videos which explain different TMS models and concepts. Resources are displayed dependent on the profile or profiles a respondent has completed. 

- High Energy Teams
- Language of Teamwork
- Linking Leadership
- QO2 Opportunities-Obstacles
- Window on Work Values


- An Overview of the Team Management Profile
- The Workplace Behaviour Pyramid
- Types of Work Wheel
- Measures of Work Preference
- Team Management Wheel