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The Team Management Profile (TMP) Hub provides you with access to applications and activities, instant snapshot data on work priorities and performance, global trends and descriptive videos. All of these advanced features are located in the Online Activity Centre and ensure you get the most out of your personal TMP.


These engaging activities are designed to enable better learning and improve communication amongst teams and individuals. The activities are presented in a questionnaire format and all provide instant feedback for the respondent.

This activity Application is designed to help improve communication with others by providing specific and customised advice on ‘pacing’ a particular individual. This Application also includes an E-Coach video which guides the respondents through the Profile Application and the interpretation of the feedback. The Pacing App can be used over and over for any number of assessments.

Team Signals
Respondents complete a 32-item questionnaire to measure how they view the development priorities for their team. The results of the questionnaire produce personalised quantitative and qualitative feedback for each of the eight strategic development questions that comprise the High-Energy Teams Model as well as information on Linking.

Coach Me
The Coach Me Application is an assessment that develops a customized individual needs analysis using the TMS Coaching Framework and the respondent’s individual Profile scores. The real-time feedback provided helps identify which parts of the Coaching Framework need attention and to what extent.

Job Match
The Job Match Application is a 40-item questionnaire providing real-time match information between a respondent’s work preferences and the critical Types of Work in their role. The interactive tool uses the respondent’s personalised Team Management Profile results and responses from the Job Match questionnaire to create the feedback. In addition, a flag diagram provides interactive feedback. Clicking on the flags in the diagram will provide information from a database of over 200 customised texts.

My Team
Using the My Team Application, learners answer a short questionnaire and receive instant feedback on their team’s performance on the nine critical Types of Work. Ideal for project planning, team members can review and share their results with other team members. The results are combined with their personal Team Management Profile results to produce feedback that highlights key issues and helps the individual and team to develop action plans for improvement.

Job Characteristics
This is an interactive Application that translates the Types of Work into specific job types and professions that might be available to the respondent. For each sector on the Wheel there is a list of possible jobs where the selected work function is critical to success. Audio feedback is also provided. Ideal for use in career planning.


This series is a collection of e-book resources which explain different TMS models and concepts.

High-Energy Teams
This e-book explains a model that helps teams become high-performing.  An ideal complement to the Team Signals application.

Language of Teamwork
Explains the Types of Work Wheel and the Team Management Wheel.

The TMS Coaching Framework
A detailed 40-page e-book. It can form the basis of any individual coaching, career planning or personal development process. Ideal to use with the Coach Me Application.


This series of engaging videos are presented by author Dick McCann and exclusive to They explain TMS theory in detail and offer examples of work challenges.

This video presented by co-author, Dr Dick McCann provides respondents with a review of core TMS theory.

The Workplace Behaviour Pyramid
This video explains the concepts behind the Workplace Behaviour Pyramid – a model created by Dick McCann to help individuals develop mastery in understanding one’s self.

The Reluctant Engineer
This video explains the importance of job demand and work preference match. TMS co-author, Dr Dick McCann discusses his early days as an engineer and the problems he encountered when his work preferences did not match the job he was required to do.

Research Highlights
Dick McCann discusses the important research underpinning the Team Management Profile, the Opportunities-Obstacles Profile and the Window on Work Values Profile in three 7-8 minute videos. Good background for the more technically oriented respondent.


These applications presented in quiz format is part of the collection of interactive animations that test the participant’s knowledge of the important TMP concepts.

Identifying Linking Skills
The Linking Leader Model has six People Linking Skills, five task Linking Skills and two Leadership Linking Skills. Respondents test their knowledge of Linking by reading a number of statements and allocating them to one of the thirteen Linking Skills.

Identifying Types of Work
This quiz assesses respondents’ knowledge of TMS core concepts, focusing on the Types of Work Wheel. After reading each statement, the respondent selects the corresponding work function on the Types of Work Wheel.

Identifying Role Preferences
This quiz is a fun and effective way to test the respondent’s knowledge of the eight different roles on the Team Management Wheel. Respondents are provided with a short description of various people and then they choose which team role preferences best fits each individual.

Identifying Work Preferences
This quiz assesses respondents’ knowledge of the four work preference scales. The respondent is tested on a number of statements relating to either end of each scale.

Identifying Key Strategic Issues
This quiz helps learners review the important aspects of the High Energy Teams Model. Thirty-two questions relating to strategic team development have to be assigned to the eight sectors of this model.


Interactive Worldwide Norms
Using the Interactive Worldwide Norm Application, users can compare their Profile results with over 303,000 respondents from around the world.