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Why Coaching Skills are needed now, more than ever before!

September 1, 2023

Coaching has always been around. We have examples of it from ancient times when emperors consulted with the great sages of the period, seeking guidance on the best path forward. In modern times, we are all familiar with the coach…

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The Power of Strategic Leadership

May 13, 2023

Leadership Linking Skill: StrategyIn today's rapidly changing business landscape, strategic leadership is no longer optional; it's essential. Strategy, at its core, refers to calculated, deliberate decisions that align with an organisation’s long-term purpose. Yet, all too often, we find organisations…

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Igniting Potential: The Linking Leader Skill of Motivation

May 7, 2023

Leadership Linking Skill: MotivationThe art of motivation is more than just persuading someone to complete a task. It's about building relationships, engaging individuals, and continuously inspiring their commitment and energy. As a Linking Leader, your role is to bring out…

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Mastering Delegation: A Crucial Linking Skill for High Performing Teams

April 30, 2023

Task Linking Skill: DelegationDelegation is one of the most important Linking Skills a leader can have. It allows team members to take on tasks and develop new skills, leading to a more productive and efficient team. However, delegation is not…

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Work Allocation

Work Allocation: Igniting Team Potential

April 23, 2023

Task Linking Skill: Work AllocationThe ability to allocate work effectively is a critical skill for leaders, directly influencing the team's potential to become high performers. Effective Work Allocation requires a carefully considered approach that balances individual strengths, experiences, preferences, and…

Quality Standards

The Power of Quality Standards

April 15, 2023

Task Linking Skills: Quality StandardsQuality Standards consist of guidelines, methods, systems, and requirements that organisations follow to ensure they operate at a high level. These standards serve as a roadmap, helping teams and organisations achieve excellence in their work. By…

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LLP blog Objectives Setting

Achieving Success through Effective Objective Setting

April 2, 2023

Task Linking Skills: Objectives SettingEffective Objectives Setting is a critical Task Linking Skill that can drive team performance to new heights. With clear and achievable objectives in place, teams are more likely to deliver high-quality performance and achieve their targets.…

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LLP Interface Management

Interface Management: Building Strong Connections for High Performance

March 26, 2023

People Linking Skills: Interface ManagementIn today's complex and fast-paced business environment, effective teamwork is crucial for success. However, simply assembling a team is not enough. Teams must also effectively communicate and collaborate with other teams and key stakeholders. This is…

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Participative Decision Making

Participative Decision Making: Building Trust and Empowerment within Teams

March 19, 2023

In today's fast-paced business world, decision-making has become more complex than ever before. With the vast amount of information available and the need for quick and effective decisions, traditional top-down decision-making methods may not always be the best approach. Instead,…

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Problem Solving & Counselling

Building Strong Teams Through Problem Solving & Counselling Skills

March 12, 2023

People Linking Skills: Problem Solving & Counselling

As a team member, you may find that your colleagues turn to you for help when they are facing a problem. While it can be tempting to simply offer a quick fix or brush…

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