TMSDirect LP 4

TMS Direct offers you the chance to experience our TMS suite of profiles without the need for accreditation. TMS L&D experts are available to facilitate one-on-one debriefs and virtual group workshops using our suite of profiles at the core of each participant's learning journey. 

Benefits of TMS Direct include:

  • Know where your strengths are and show what you can achieve
  • Discover how to work with people who work in a different way to you
  • Move your career development forward
  • Identify best fit for the people in your team
  • Develop strategies to get the best results from others
  • Manage change and conflict with positive outcomes

What are you looking for? 

Number of people

Developing High Performing Teams Growing Opportunities Overcoming Obstacles
One person TMP for Individuals QO2 for Individuals
Two - four people TMP for Individuals QO2 for Individuals
Five or more people TMP for Teams QO2 for Teams

Maximum team numbers are limited to 15 people – delivered virtually. Face to face delivery and larger group sizes available on a case by case basis. See terms and conditions here

For bespoke consulting programmes, we recommend our TMS Associates – our network of highly experienced TMS accredited practitioners who can tailor a programme specifically to your needs.

Find a TMS Associate near you or call our team for a referral.

Is TMS Direct for you?

TMSDirect LP 3

We recommend TMS Direct if you are:

  • Looking for a team development activity
  • Looking to find out more about the TMS suite of profiles and how to use them
  • Wanting to know more before becoming accredited in our products
  • Looking to change careers or move organisations
  • Recently in a new role or part of a new team
  • New to leading teams and want to get the best start possible
  • Seeking to maximise your personal potential
  • Wanting cohesion in your Leadership Team Meetings