QO2 Accreditation

The Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient (QO2) Profile is a psychometric tool that highlights people’s predisposition to seeing Opportunities versus Obstacles and their probable approach to innovation, change and risk. To ensure the highest standards of ethical care, the QO2 must only be delivered and debriefed by appropriately trained professionals who have completed accreditation through TMS.

Our QO2 Accreditation equips you with the necessary training to facilitate a QO2 debrief and provides you with the resources required to build a programme using the QO2.


Who is accreditation for?

Accreditation is open to human resource professionals, management consultants and other business professionals or managers. Whether you want to embed the QO2 into your in-house programme, or offer the profile as a consultant, we’d love to have you on board.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the theory and concepts underpinning the QO2.
  • Have the confidence to apply this knowledge in practice.
  • Support individuals and teams using the QO2 framework to foster growth and positive change.


How does accreditation work?

QO2 Accreditation is delivered through a blended learning programme consisting of one-on-one coaching, an interactive workshop and practice profiles. The time commitment is approximately nine hours spread over three weeks.



  • Your own QO2 report and two practice profiles
  • One-on-one coaching debrief and an interactive workshop
  • Experienced and knowledgeable trainers
  • Engaging learning materials and activities
  • Your own TMS Global Portal for administering QO2 questionnaires
  • Access to additional resources including session plans, slide decks and worksheets
  • Digital Badge of Completion



$1,195 ex GST.