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The TMS Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient (QO₂) Profile highlights people’s predisposition to seeing opportunities vs obstacles in particular situations, and their probable approach to innovation, change and risk. If you are operating in an environment where your teams or clients are seeking improved decision making, more effective problem solving and stronger clarity around goals, then the QO2 is the right solution.

The QO2 Profile provides valuable insights as to why some people:

  1. Are threatened by change, while others are energised by it
  2. Hold on to the past, while others race towards the future
  3. Only see problems, while others see opportunity and solutions
  4. Assume the worst (glass half empty), while others see potential (glass half full)
  5. Find it difficult to set goals, while others are driven by them

Understanding these differences allows leaders, HR and L&D professionals to more successfully:

  • Design and execute change programmes
  • Develop resilience in the workplace
  • Identify thought leaders and innovators
  • Design teams better equipped to run risk related projects

For Human Resource and Learning & Development professionals, becoming accredited is as easy as investing a day of your time with our experienced facilitators.

Once accredited you'll be armed with all the support tools you need to immediately integrate our Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient (QO2) Profile into your programmes – and our dedicated Client Support Team are here to help you administer, process and manage your groups.

We're never far away and always ready with a smile!

The Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient (QO2) Profile is used for:

  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Risk Management
  • Change Management
  • Life Coaching
  • Performance & Conflict Management
  • Innovation & Creativity Teams
  • Executive Coaching
  • Mindset Coaching

The Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient (QO2) Profile includes:

  • Unlimited access to TMS Global® for 2 years which includes linked Diagnostic Tools, Videos and eBooks
  • The QO2 Development Guide
  • Access to online personal development tools
  • Practical data insights on individual results
  • A strategy for improved decision making and problem solving at work
Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient (QO{2}) Profile

The QO2 is a powerful tool in helping members understand others approach to risk taking and openness to new ideas. When selecting climbing partners, QO2 really comes to the fore especially when making a summit bit for Everest.

Bob Killip & Zac Zaharias, Everest Expedition, 2001

Everest photo

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