The Team Management Profile (TMP) is the flagship TMS profile and the leading solution amongst world’s psychometric assessment tools for personal and leadership development, as well as for developing teams.

The Team Management Profile is not just a psychometric assessment that you may know as something you would typically have to take before starting a new job, it is about learning. As one of the leading team profiling tools on the market, it identifies eight core activities (Types of Work Wheel), mapped out against four work preference measures (RIDO Scale) which, when combined, create your unique Team Management Profile.

This TMS profile has several key benefits. Team profiling with the TMP Team Management Profile, can provide the information you need to:

  • Identify a person’s strengths and work preferences.
  • Develop greater self-awareness.
  • Generate actionable strategies to improve performance.
  • Understand why people work the way they do.
  • Provide a common language for teams to communicate with.
  • Successfully and confidently assign people to projects and tasks.
  • Deliver objective, constructive and work-focused insights.

If you are operating in an environment where your teams or clients seek improve team effectiveness or greater understanding of team dynamics and opportunities for improvement, this simple and easy to implement TMS profile is an affordable, agile and results focused solution made for you.

Who is This TMS Profile For?

The people who can benefit from using our team profiling tools range from facilitators, through human resources, to learning & development professionals. Becoming accredited is as easy as investing two days with our Learning & Development team who will guide you through the process. Once accredited, you will be armed with all the support tools you to immediately integrate our Team Management Profile (TMP) into your programmes.

Learn more about our accreditation options, or check our upcoming accreditation dates. If you have any further questions about our team profiling tools, call us on 07 3368 2333, e-mail or get in touch online now.

Our dedicated Client Services team will provide you with the support you need to administer, process and manage your group. In our recent national benchmarking study, our Client Services team were nominated as one of the primary reasons our Network Member stay with TMS – when you work with Team Management Systems Australia, you know you are in good hands.

What is the TMP Team Management Profile Used For?

Our team management profile can assist you with successful:

  • Onboarding
  • Team building
  • Leadership development
  • Management development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Graduate & business school programmes
  • Executive coaching
  • Career and succession planning

What Does This Team Management Profile Include?

As one of the leading team profiling tools, the TMP includes:

  • Unlimited access to TMS Global for 2 years which also includes profile linked diagnostic tools, videos and eBooks.
  • A comprehensive TMP Development Guide.
  • Personalised feedback based on individual profile results.
  • An actionable strategy for improved decision making and problem solving at work.

How Do I Get Started With the TMP Team Management Profile?

Get accredited with Team Management Systems today, to start implementing TMP in your business or organisation. Begin by finding out more about our accreditation options and the upcoming accreditation dates. If you need more information, you can read more about the TMS Global features or read our TMP case study to see exactly how we can help you achieve your goals. Call (07) 3368 2333 or get in touch online now, to get started today.

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The benefits of the Team Management Profile are for everyone in a workplace - individuals for self-awareness and professional growth, teams to learn and grow together and for organisations to create high performing, connected and engaged teams. The TMP is a lifelong learning approach that evolves with you on your career journey.

Kathy Wooller, Evolve Pro Australia

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