The Team Management Profile (TMP) is a science-based feedback tool used for personal, team and leadership development. It forms one of the cornerstones of the Team Management Systems (TMS) suite of psychometric profiles, specifically designed to create lasting positive change for individuals, teams and organisations.

The Team Management Profile (TMP) is not just about psychometrics, it’s about learning. Constructive, work-focused feedback helps individuals understand why they work the way they do, and how they can develop strategies to improve the way they work with others. It provides individuals with a common language and allows team members to recognise each other’s strengths in the workplace. When used effectively, the TMP can improve performance at all levels of an organisation, enabling positive, lasting change.

Team Management Profile (TMP)

The Team Management Profile is a powerful self-analysis tool. A mirror that allows groups and individuals to self-assess without threat. It provides a window that encourages people to recognise the value of differences in work preferences and approaches.

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The Value of the TMP

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The TMP framework takes into consideration situational leadership theory, which demonstrates that people can adapt their style and approach depending on the context.

The TMP is underpinned by three different models: the TMS model of work combines with the TMS model of people to build a unique view of ‘People at Work’. This allows us to look at the work context from not just the people OR the process side, but both.

The net result is a holistic view of an individual’s preferred approach to work. In the context of a team environment and the ‘work to be done’, it is easy to link insights back to a concrete plan of action, matched to the individual, team and organisation needs.

In this way the TMP delivers ongoing value on multiple levels, not as a general label of personality, but a detailed, work-focused feedback tool.

How the TMP makes a difference

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The key to organisational success lies in people’s ability to work together effectively. This occurs when everyone understands their unique contribution, and personal insights are used to nudge positive change at the individual and team level.

As a personal development tool, the TMP is informative and insightful, providing individuals with self-knowledge and strategies to improve their performance at work. From a team perspective, it is even more valuable. TMP Advanced Reports can be used to map overall team composition, enabling rich discussion at the team level relating to individual work preferences, team dynamics, the impact of work preference ‘gaps’, and what can be done to sustain high-performance.

The TMP provides the knowledge required to improve work performance at an individual and team level. When teams achieve a higher level of connection between their work preferences and job demands it increases the team’s energy, enthusiasm, commitment and motivation.

When people are undertaking work they enjoy and communicating inclusively and effectively, they are on the way to becoming a high-performing team!

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