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The TMS Window on Work Values (WoWV) Profile focuses on the alignment between personal and organisational values, and provides a solution when misalignment presents itself. If you are operating in an environment where your teams or clients are seeking greater understanding of an individuals poor performance, misalignment and team conflict, the WoWV Profile is a reliable solution.

The WoWV Profile provides valuable insights as to:

  • How individuals approach work
  • What drives decision making
  • What causes people to defend what they believe in
  • What determines specific behaviours

Answering these questions allows leaders, HR and L&D professionals to more successfully:

  • Explore the implications of potential misalignment
  • Gain a deeper understanding of conflict situations, disengagement and poor performance
  • Design appropriate programmes to improve performance and outcomes

For Human Resource and Learning & Development professionals, becoming accredited is as easy as investing a day of your time with our experienced facilitators.

Once accredited you'll be armed with all the support tools you need to immediately integrate our Window on Work Values (WoWV) Profile into your programmes – and our dedicated Client Support Team are here to help you administer, process and manage your groups.

We're never far away and always ready with a smile!

The Window on Work Values (WoWV) Profile is used for:

  • Organisational Change
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Cross-Cultural Teams
  • Merged & newly formed teams
  • Performance & Conflict Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Personal & Team Development
  • Creating Team & Organisational Charters

The Window on Work Values (WoWV) Profile includes:

  • Unlimited access to TMS Global® for 2 years which includes linked Diagnostic Tools, Videos and eBooks
  • A comprehensive WoWV Development Guide
  • Access to an online suite of personal development tools
  • Real-time simulations, applications, activities & e-books
  • Personalised feedback based on individual WoWV Profile results
Window on Work Values (WoWV) Profile

We have been using TMS Profiles in our organisation for four years and we have found them very valuable for increasing the effectiveness of our work teams. We have used the Team Management Profile with over 500 employees, and now TMS terminology is part of our vocabulary when we set up new project teams

Kevin Nash, Director, Employee Development

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