TMS Graduate Program

Were about human potential

TMS has developed the Team Management Systems Graduate Program to support L&D, behavioural science and HR graduates. Our goal is to help them to explore and ignite their potential with TMS as they make the transition from university into their career.

Successful applicants will join our Client Support Team. They’ll work with our community of TMS Accredited Practitioners providing them with training and ongoing platform support. Our graduates also have the opportunity to co-ordinate the accreditation workshops that our Master Trainers deliver.

Benefits of the Team Management Systems Graduate Program

While working as a Client Support Co-ordinator in this graduate position, you will:

  • become accredited in all four TMS profiling tools
  • become familiar with the TMS Facilitator Resources and participate in their continual improvement
  • develop at least one Facilitator Resource into an internal Lunch and Learn session. You will receive mentoring from our L&D team to develop and deliver on this
  • facilitate a Team Management Profile group debrief under The Happiness Project for a charity of your choosing. You will receive mentoring from our L&D team to develop and deliver on this
  • write a case study about your Happiness Project TMP group debrief for the TMS library. This will be published on the TMS website and LinkedIn
  • support an incredibly talented and engaged community of Accredited Practitioners who use TMS profiling tools
  • attend TMS hosted events and establish relationships with your future peers

TMS Graduate Program Timeline



TMS Accreditation


Receive on the job training as a Client Support Co-Ordinator.

Become familiar with TMS tools and our community.

Become a TMS brand ambassador by providing on brand, high quality support

Team Management Profile Accreditation



Client Support Co-ordinator L1

Develop and deliver one internal Lunch and Learn on one Facilitator Resource

Linking Leader Profile Accreditation

Client Support Co-ordinator L1 and L2

Develop, practice and deliver a TMP group debrief for a charity of your choice under the Happiness Project

Opportunities - Obstacles Profile Accreditation

Client Support Co-ordinator L2

Write and publish a case study on the TMP group debrief

Window on Work Values Accreditation

TMS accepts one person annually into this program.


Ready to Get Started?

Get in touch via email at to be advised when this program opens. We’re also happy to answer any questions.

Graduate Testimonials

Were about human potential

My experience as a Graduate with TMS was highly valuable for my personal and professional development. I acquired a range of skills through the diverse work and projects that TMS offers. Working on various projects put me on a professional self-discovery journey where I established new strengths and interests.  

I became accredited in the TMP and learned about different work preferences and how they play out in teams and individuals. I gained a deeper level of self-awareness through understanding my own work preferences and was able to leverage my strengths and interests, as well as develop strategies to manage tasks that were outside of my preference area.  

TMS provides a positive and supportive learning environment. I’m grateful to have experienced firsthand the incredible culture TMS offers. Underpinning the culture is the TMS team; they are a diverse and dynamic group of individuals who have a wealth of knowledge which was highly influential for my learning. I enjoyed drawing from their skills, knowledge and experience - I found it inspirational, and it motivated me to achieve my goals. 

Michaela T