The Institute of Team Management Studies (ITMS) has been a trusted publisher of TMS research and data for almost four decades. With our latest edition of 2023 Team Management Profile (TMP) Norm Data, we are proud to share this updated resource to support and enhance programme delivery.

TMP Norm Data updates include the latest data for each of our norm reference groups, in addition to newly added categories.

In this 2023 update, we are pleased to add the following categories:

  • Country sample: Fiji
  • Country sample: Qatar
  • Country sample: Romania
  • Country sample: South Korea
  • Worldwide profession sample: Animal Care Technician
  • Worldwide profession sample: Engineer - Telecommunications
  • Worldwide profession sample: Entrepreneurs & Venture Capitalists

Our global TMS community has consistently praised the use of this data in their programmes, with participants finding great value in comparing their own major role preference data with that of their peers worldwide, as well as across regions, professions and industries.

The figures are presented in a clear and concise format, making it easy to analyse and compare the data. By incorporating normative data into workshops, practitioners can facilitate engaging conversations with their participants, leading to a deeper understanding of how individuals and teams compare with their respective industries and professions.