November 11, 2019

Development, Performance, Team

Paws and Reset

Here at TMS we believe that the best day of the year doesn’t involve a guy in a red suit, a birthday cake or a chocolate hunt in the backyard. All we need is a big bowl of water, some leads and a conveniently placed patch of grass within 200 meters of the office.

That’s right, June 22nd is our pick. “TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY.”

At TMS, we prefer unlimited happiness so we decided to trial making it a regular thing. As you may be aware we take our research seriously and after finding a direct correlation between dogs in the workplace and employee morale, we came to the conclusion… that there was nothing to lose.

And the results? In one 9-hour day, we saw a significant difference in our team’s attitude and stress levels. There were more smiles, pet stories were swapped over lunch and Rocco and Buddy (our resident pooches) were lapping it up.

The team adapted well to the newcomers. Some used our guests to take well-deserved breaks by getting up from their desks or looking away from their screens. Others chose to adapt their work plans, venturing into the outside world for walking meetings - lead in one hand, notepad in the other.

Whilst you may think our guests would pose a distraction, they provided a necessary change in our daily rhythm which allowed us to stop, pat, smile and reset.

Although most workplaces don’t have the luxury to make ‘take your dog to work day’ a reality, we encourage your team to get creative. Find a common interest within the team and implement it into your work schedule.  Add some plant life to the office for employees with a green thumb. Organise monthly team fitness challenges for the health enthusiasts. Plan a cultural day with a culinary twist, to explore the groups individual tastes and backgrounds.

Whatever approach you choose, the overall goal of these pursuits is to uncover the diversity in your workplace and embrace your team’s individuality with better understanding.

November 11, 2019

Development, Performance, Team

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