January 12, 2023

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Are you finding it hard to find purpose in your work? Are you stuck in a rut with little motivation? It might be time to take a closer look at your work preferences. Whether you’re looking for a job change, or just want to find more joy in your current role, understanding the factors that affect your job satisfaction can be the key to finding that sense of purpose and motivation.

How do I know what my work preferences are?

Work preferences can be broadly divided into two categories - task preferences and social preferences. Task preferences refer to aspects such as whether you prefer variety or stability in your work, while social preferences have to do with how you interact with others in the workplace. Knowing what motivates you to get the most out of your job is the first step towards finding purpose and joy in it.

When trying to identify your work preferences, start by looking closely at your job. Ask yourself if you enjoy the tasks, or if you like the atmosphere more. Think about if you prefer a steady routine or if variety is more motivating for you. In terms of social interaction, consider if you are energized by being around people, or if you prefer to work alone. Once you understand your preferences, it should be easier to keep them in mind when looking for new roles.

How the Team Management Profile can help

If you’re already in a job and having trouble finding motivation, it may be time to look for other opportunities. The Team Management Profile (TMP) is a tool designed to help you identify your work preferences. It helps individuals understand the core activities that all teams must do to be successful and provides an insight into an individual’s unique strengths and preferences. This can help you to develop strategies to improve your own performance and leverage the opportunities brought about by the benefits of diverse, or ‘balanced’, teams.

So, if you feel like you’re stuck in a job rut and want to find purpose and joy in your work, it’s time to take a look at your work preferences. By understanding the factors that affect your job satisfaction, you can bring more balance and motivation into both your work and home life. With the help of the Team Management Profile, you can find your unique work preferences and start making the necessary changes to find more joy in your job. Interested in learning more?

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January 12, 2023