February 13, 2023

Linking, Linking Leader Profile (LLP|360)

Linking Overview

Leadership is key to the success of any team. The capability to effectively connect people and tasks, and coordinate the team's work is crucial for achieving great results. 

Linking is what we at TMS refer to as the set of core behaviours that integrate and coordinate the work of a team. Without these skills, a team may lose momentum and direction, leading to a decline in performance.

The Linking Leader Model, developed TMS, identifies three levels of Linking, with a total of 13 Linking Skills. These skills offer a comprehensive leadership framework, empowering team members to understand their role and how they can contribute to success.

The three levels of Linking include People Linking Skills, Task Linking Skills, and Leadership Linking Skills, each with its own unique set of skills that are essential for success.

People Linking Skills

The first level of Linking, People Linking Skills, is essential for all team members to implement effectively. This layer consists of six skills that create the atmosphere in which the team works, foster alignment, and build trust among team members.

The six People Linking Skills are:

  • Active Listening
  • Communication
  • Team Relationships
  • Problem Solving and Counselling
  • Participative Decision Making
  • Interface Management

Task Linking Skills

The second level of Linking, Task Linking Skills, is relevant for those who may be responsible for the performance of others. This layer includes five skills that relate to collective team tasks and help to ensure the team works effectively towards its goals.

The five Task Linking Skills are:

  • Work Allocation
  • Team Development
  • Delegation
  • Objectives Setting
  • Quality Standards

Leadership Linking Skills

The final level of Linking, Leadership Linking Skills, is the core of the Linking Leader Model. These two skills relate specifically to transformational leadership skills and are crucial for leaders to implement effectively.

The two Leadership Linking Skills are:

  • Motivation
  • Strategy

These 13 skills of Linking provide a comprehensive framework for effective leadership, helping team members understand their role in the team and how they can contribute to its success. Whether you are a team member or a leader, the skills of Linking are essential for success, and mastering these skills will help you to lead your team to achieve great results.

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February 13, 2023

Linking, Linking Leader Profile (LLP|360)